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Quality Systems Auditor Occupational Standard Certification Workshop
(French course)

(2 days - Dorval)  


At the request of the Canadian aviation industry, CAMC documented an occupational standard for quality assurance auditors in the aviation sector.  Quality assurance is a key component in all management systems including safety management (SMS).  Quality systems auditors ensure organizations' processes are effective and compliant.  To ensure consistent and repeatable outcomes regardless of the specific individual performing the audit it is important that auditors have equivalent knowledge and skill levels. As a result CAMC has introduced a certification process for system auditors in the aviation sector.

As part of the implementation of the quality assurance auditor CAMC has developed a workshop to prepare existing and potential auditors.  The two day workshop focuses on the knowledge components detailed in the occupational standard and prepares auditors for certification.  The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Quality management basics
  • Quality assurance and safety management systems
  • Audit basics
  • Principals of auditing
  • Measurement standards
  • Preparing an audit program
  • Checklists (developing and validating)
  • Risk management as it applies to audits
  • Typical quality assurance issues
  • Scheduling audits
  • Planning audits
  • Sampling
  • Audit meetings and briefings
  • Audit evaluation methods
  • Analyzing evidence
  • Audit team leaders
  • Findings and audit reports
  • Audit rating systems
  • Audit follow-up and corrective action plans
  • Assessing root cause
  • Improving audit performance


Day 1 of the workshop is focused on audit fundamentals as they apply to the aviation industry including the links between quality assurance and safety management systems.

Day 2 of the workshop is focused on the tasks associated with the performance of an audit, documentation, corrective action plans, and audit quality improvement.

With the introduction of safety management systems and the ongoing desire of organizations to improve product quality, business effectiveness, and safety the role of the auditor has become one of the keys to success.  This workshop combined with certification assures organizations of audit outcomes which achieve the business goals while at the same time provide a nationally recognized standard for aviation auditors.



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