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Professor: Mr. Serge Savard, WEMT

Course Desscription: Revision of phases and causes of drowning in cold water and prevention that will maximize the time of resistance and the chance of survival. Review of the mandatory and desirable protection equipment, technics and procedures. Demystifying the wearing of a lifejacket, false beliefs, specialized and adapted equipment and behaviors that can save your life. Students will have the opportunity to experience real underwater egress from our training "dunker".

Course Objective: We should be aware of the importance of our personal preparation and that it would be an oversight on our part to rely only on regulations, equipments, pilots, the other passengers or even on rescuers. More recommendations than regulations exists and unfortunately, they are rarely reviewed outside of training.


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Educational Approach: The Underwater Egress Training is given in two parts; theory in a classroom and practice in a pool with a submersible aircraft simulator. This course is preferably joined to an aviation safety training program and is part of a more complete survival training program.



Classroom and pool training: 1 day

Contact: info@cqfa.ca


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